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About NED

Beijing NED Ltd., founded in 2015, is a high-tech company founded by a team of doctors and senior optical engineers from University of Arizona, Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company is mainly engaged in the design, R&D, manufacture and technical support of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Currently NED has set up R&D center at Beijing and Shangrao, manufacture center at Zhenjiang and Shangrao.

Our R&D team has a foundation of more than ten years in the design, development and manufacture of AR/VR devices, applied for more than one hundred patents, including a number of U.S. patents, participated in the formulation of two national standards for head-mounted display, masters core key technologies, product performance indexes have reached or exceeded related products manufactured by other high-tech companies from United States, Japan and other countries, became one of the international first-class augmented reality optical module suppliers, established cooperative relationship with a number of many world-renowned enterprises.

After long-term technology development and accumulate of customer demand, NED keeps continuous deep cultivate and explore in AR/VR field and core optical technologies, and currently has two core optical technology underlying platforms as free-form surface (geometrical optics) and micro-nano optical (diffractive optical), which successively expands heavyweight application development platforms including AR/VR display, optometry, etc.

Since the company established six years ago, we had accumulated over 100 million CNY of investment from Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group, Tellhow Group, AJ Group (JuneYao Group), Goertek, ZGC Co-Innovation Fund, Zhencheng Capital, Win Harbor Capital. We won more than 30 awards, including First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award for Technological Invention (2019), First Prize of Innovation Achievement Award of Chinese Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration (2019), First Prize of Creative Founder Award for Achievement (2020), Golden Award of VR/AR Innovation by World Conference on VR Industry (2019-2021), China VR Top 50 Enterprises (2019-2021), First Prize of Science and Technology Innovation by Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (2017), Intellectual Property Trials and Demonstrations Company of Beijing (2019), etc. And we were also authorized for the set up of postdoctoral workstation.

In the next 3-5 years, NED will seize the opportunity to accelerate the efficiency of design and R&D, stabilize the quality of our products, aiming to become the leading supplier of AR/VR headset display optical module solutions.

Team introduction

Leading talent of Jingxian Project, awarded as Annual Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding New Personality. Served as the deputy general manager of a state-owned holding enterprise under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, accumulated extensive contacts in optical fi
​More than 20 years of practical experience in nano-scale ultra-precision machining. Participated in Project 863 as the main researcher, responsible for the design, manufacture and debugging of Free-Form Prism mold.
​Served as a senior patent examiner in the State Intellectual Property Office of China, ex-Senior Intellectual Property Manager of Samsung. Listed in the 40 Corporate IP Elites under 40 in 2019 List issued by IPR Daily and CYZone.

Core advantage

Precise Assembly and Adjust

Using self-developed virtual image testing equipment and algorithm, and 6-DOF real-time active assambly equipment to achieve high precision assambly with pixel-level position accuracy and binocular parallelism in seconds. Already put a number of high-end AR optical modules in mass production.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Handle the nonlinear complex surface pre-compensation precision molding technology, overcome the complex curved surface mold processing and detection, precision component injection molding and component deformation compensation technology difficulties, to achieve nano-level precision manufacturing for ultra-precision optical components.

Superior Design

4 top experts in optical design, 11 PhDs in optical design, more than 20 optical and process R&D engineers, achieve high-performance optical system design by multi-objective constraints adaptive weight adjustment design and self-developed complex surface optimization design algorithm.