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Future Optics · Shangrao


NED Shangrao Base covers a total area of 100000 square meters, takes the responsibility of technical operation and capacity upgrade of Shangrao Optical Inspection Center.

Positioned as national inspection and testing center, Shangrao Optical Inspection Center dedicates to provide professional testing and design services for the development of optical industry, assist the formulating of national and industry standard in the field of optical, undertake national-level optical research projects, study the future direction of optical development, constantly publish professional dissertations in optical and output patents in optical field.

The Optical Inspection Center consists of six professional laboratories, including Optical Lens Testing Room, Optical Camera Lens Testing Room, Physical and Chemical Analysis Room, Metrology Room, Reliability Laboratory and Processing Testing Laboratory, and various functional departments, including inspection section, business section, comprehensive management section, etc. Among the inspection center the first floor includes Conventional Parameter Measurement Room for Lens and Camera Lens, Spectral Performance Testing Room, AR/VR Lens Testing Room, Free-form Surface Measurement Room, Surface Angle Measurement Room, Working Line Area, Vibration and Shock Testing Room, Salt Spray Testing Room; and the second floor includes Physical and Chemical Laboratory, Precision Instrument Room, Conventional Optical Library and Reliability Laboratory.

Provides high-precision optical component testing and verification services to the global optoelectronic industry.