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Talented people

Project Support Engineer (Optical, AR)
No Requirement in Exp. / Graduate
1. Implemented the company's marketing strategy, assisted sales to provide technical support for the project;
2. Responsible for the implementation of billing application, contract signing, goods information and other work required during the project;
3. Responsible for docking with customers to complete payment collection tasks, and coordinating and dealing with other communication issues of the project;
4. Provide data support including market trends, demand changes, competitor and customer feedback;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optoelectronics or related industry experience;
2. Good organization and coordination ability, ability to analyze and solve problems, excellent outreach and public relations ability;
3. Strong logical thinking ability and summarizing ability;
4. Good sense of service, strong sense of responsibility, professional quality and team spirit;
5, quick thinking, honest and trustworthy, hard work.
Work Site: