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Lenovo daystAR New G2 Lightweight AR Glasses

Daystar New G2 Pro

Product feature:

1. Plug and Play
2. Fashionable with Light Weight
3. 3D Holographic with Ultra Large FOV
4. 5G Support
5. High Performance SLAM
6. Dual Screen for Touch Control
Product Parameter

1. Introduction

Latest generation of lightweight split type Mixed-Reality Glasses by Lenovo Daystar, satisfies multiple scenarios including remote guidance, training, patrol inspection and display with true color reproduction of binocular stereo display and accurate spatial positioning technology.

2. Parameters

Production Form: Split Type AR Glasses, Foldable for Preservation

Computing Capacity: Snapdragon 865 Platform, GPU+DSP, 12GB RAM+256GB ROM

Optical Parameters: Binocular Transparent Display, Compatible with Small Glasses, Dual 1080p, 50 Degrees of FOV, Optical Distortion<0.5%

Acoustic System: Dual Microphone, Dual Speaker

CV System: Dual 8MP Autofocus Fish-eye Camera, TOF Camera with a resolution of 1280×800

Spatial Orientation: High Precision VSLAM, Space Anchoring

Interactive Mode: Head Movements, Gestures, Keys, Voice, Touch Screen, Remote Control

Wireless Connection: Built-in 5G / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / GPS / NFC

Expandability: Dual USB Type-C Port

Battery Capacity: Over 3 Hours Battery Life, Charge-While-Using and Speed Charging Support