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NED uses freeform technology to promote the miniaturization of optical waveguide

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NED innovatively brings the freeform technology into optical waveguide projection optical engine, and using lighting /imaging light multiplexing technology, folding optical system for a compact structure, reducing projection optical engine volume to nearly 1cc on the premise of not affecting the light effect, the researching achievement of the optical engine miniaturization can be used to array optical waveguide, holographic optical waveguide product line, which enable the light waveguide display system to be more close to the form of ordinary glasses.

Recently, with the breakthrough and application of miniaturized waveguide optical engine based on freeform technology, NED officially launched two new AR optical waveguide, which are array optical waveguide and two-dimensional holographic optical waveguide.

NED array optical waveguide

NED two-dimensional holographic optical waveguide